PV Malecon Update

Puerto Vallarta’s malecon boardwalk has undergone a few changes since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020. For the first three months, the malecon was completely closed to all visitors and residents. This extreme measure helped PV stay on lock down as it deterred tourists from coming to town. As time passed, the malecon was partially re-opened and remains that way today. The western side of the boardwalk is taped off to discourage visitors from sitting along the oceanside and hanging out. However, the bike lane and rest of the malecon remain open for use.

I had the pleasure of going for a sunrise walk on the Malecon this morning. I had not been down to the PV landmark for almost 6 months (since the onset of the pandemic). It was amazing to stroll the waterfront and see other residents enjoying the boardwalk as well. I had my facemask on and so did many of the other people out exercising. There are colorful banners urging the public to wear facemasks and reminding them that all businesses require the use of them to enter.

I walked from the beginning of the downtown at the Hotel Buenaventura to the Los Muertos Pier and back. It was a great outing and left me reminiscing about all the fantastic memories my family has made in this most magical city full of beauty. The full moon was shining on the sea as the sky turned pink and the sun rose up from behind the Sierra Madres. The municipal plaza was aglow with neon lit decorations for the upcoming Mexican Independence Day (September 16). Mornings like today are the perfect reminder to slow down and enjoy the incredible city I live in!

Have you been to the Malecon lately? I would love to hear from you in the comments below! -Christina

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PV Malecon Reopening Phase 0

Puerto Vallarta’s beloved Malecon Boardwalk takes the first step towards reopening. As the state of Jalisco rolls out Phase 0 of its economic reintegration plan, we see certain businesses starting to open their doors once again. The PV malecon reopening is a sign that we are beginning our slow and steady journey back to “normal”, or should I say the ‘new normal”.

The PV Malecon reopening is not a full response to opening tourism. It is just being opened on the east side of the boardwalk so that patrons can access restaurants that are on the malecon.

pv malecon reopening 2020

There will still be police tape blocking off access to the central and western portions of the malecon where the bike lane and statues are.  This is in effort to keep crowds from heading back into downtown PV too quickly.

Restaurants like Cerveceria Union will be opening their doors to the public, while taking measures to keep patrons and employees safe. Customers can expect to see less tables available in hopes of keeping a safe distance between everyone. Gone are the days of central napkin holders and communal bucket-style utensil holders on tables. All flatware and linens are brought out on an individual basis to tables. And your server will be wearing a facemask during the first phases of Reopening.

It’s nice to see Vallarta is being cautious and has our best interest as residents in mind. They are being very proactive and taking the right steps at the right to speed to ensure a safe reopening for all of us. I look forward to heading downtown to stroll the mini-malecon we have back again. In good Vallarta fashion, we are in no rush.

What do you think about the PV Malecon Reopening? I would love to hear from you in the comments below! – Christina

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