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Quarantine in PV: what’s it like?

At this crucial time in history, when staying home is of utmost importance according to health experts, it really does shine the spotlight on our most intimate spaces. Our homes, our towns, our famlies, our own creativity, and wishes for the future. Quarantine definitely brings with it many challenges for so many of us, but it also holds hidden blessings. This time spent in reflection of what we truly want for our future when we all go back out into the world, is going to help us all going forward be more focused on achieving our dreams.

quarantine in pv frigate bird

I can’t help but be so grateful for the chance to quarantine here in such a beautiful town that offers glimpses of daily blue sky from my indoor office space. Sea birds sail past my bedroom window and butterflies flutter around my balcony giving me hope for the future.

A short walk to my neighborhood “tienda” allows me to pick up the essentials like freshly made tortillas and farm raised eggs. Fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits are still arriving on time from surrounding farms in rural areas. Mangos are starting to turn orange and purple on the trees throughout the city.  Spring is our “windy season” which means a cool sea breeze comes to visit our house every afternoon around 3 pm.

My neighbors are all practing social distancing or “la sana distancia” as they call it here in Mexico. Facemasks and giant dispensers of hand sanitizer are the norm, just like most places in the world right now. My neighbors are still as kind and friendly as ever, exchanging waves and chatting across front yards about the current reality.

I am so grateful to be here, held in the warmth of a town that has such a sense of community. Helping one another out is a way of life for everyone that lives in Vallarta. We will get through Covid-19 and be stronger than ever!

As always, there are ways to help:

Vallarta Food Bank: https://vallartafoodbank.com

Corazon de Nina: fundacioncorazon.mx

How are you doing during the quarantine proccess? I would love to hear from you.


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