First Puerto Vallarta Tennis Open!

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I have very exciting news!  Boardwalk Realty is a proud sponsor of the Puerto Vallarta Tennis open. Just thought I would chime in on this event, having recently returned from my first professional tennis tournament in Miami. It was impressive.

First Puerto Vallarta Tennis Open Tournament of the History!

Puerto Vallarta Tennis Open

This very important tennis event will be held from Monday, April 30 to Saturday, May 5 in Parque Parota (just down the street from our office between Marbella and Puerto de Luna). Will bring professional tennis players from over 30 countries and be televised throughout Mexico.

Moreover, this is a brand new event in Vallarta featuring “Top 200” players from all over the world. As we are getting in “ground floor” with this, the sky is the limit to what this could turn into in the future.

A great Marketing event “out of the box” for Boardwalk Realty

Puerto Vallarta Tennis Open

I too am green at sponsoring tennis tournaments but some famous tennis sponsors are Rolex, Mercedes, Porsche, Moet & Chandon, Lacoste, as well as the top athletic wear and shoe companies (Nike, etc). In addition to, Airlines, banks and credit card companies love tennis as an investment too, Emirates airlines (Dubai) being a long-time sponsor of major tennis events. Basically, it’s a top-drawer place to advertise and draws the best, most famous companies. Why?

As demographics go, you will have a hard time finding a better one than the crowd that travels the world to watch the tournaments. It’s as if you took all our clients, ran them through a filter and gathered the top 5% in one spot. Mostly Guadalajara investors and sponsors built three new courts with lights, grandstands and a major sound system next to Marbella for this event.


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