Equestrian Facility in Puerto Vallarta

As you may know, the Puerto Vallarta emblem is the Seahorse. In fact, you can see it on number of monuments and sculptures in town. So, what about an Equestrian Facility in Puerto Vallarta? Like usual Puerto Vallarta offers plenty of great options to enjoy your equestrian passion. From riding centers to your own stables, or spending that day at the Polo Club.

equestrian facility

Riding centers, equestrian facility in Puerto Vallarta and around the bay

Maybe you are already an horses lover, and if you’re not, why don’t become one?
Indeed, all around the Puerto Vallarta’s Bay you can find your perfect equestrian facility. Actually, we have some huge riding centers which offer courses for all levels, or just beautiful rides around the mountain or on the beach.

equestrian facility

What about an equestrian facility for sport?!

Even if your are not a polo professional, you should visit this fabulous equestrian facility in Puerto Vallarta area. This Polo and Equestrian Club in San Pancho Nayarit, works in perfect osmosis with the Nature and the Horses.

Your personal equestrian facility in Puerto Vallarta!

The Puerto Vallarta lifestyle also means realizing your dreams or life- project. We always try to offer you access to your perfect slice of paradise. Sometimes, we can offer huge opportunities and let your imagination to do the rest… This Hacienda is one of the perfect property to have your own equestrian facility in Puerto Vallarta. Between the mountains and the plain north of Puerto Vallarta, this fabulous lot offers plenty of options to realize your own horses project, as well as a villa ready to be finished to your liking!

Remember, The Swanson- Larson team are your eyes in Paradise, to help you find your perfect slice! Contact me, and we will be happy to set up a tour, answer any questions about the buying process or send listings tailored to your search.


El Día de la Candelaria; discover it in Puerto Vallarta

El Día de la Candelaria is primarily a religious and family celebration. Know as Candlemas in the USA, this festival takes place on February the 2nd. Basically, it got its name because of the ritual of bringing the candles to the church to get them blessed there. The Candlemas in Mexico marks the end of the winter season and is celebrated in a very joyous manner.

Día de la Candelaria

Another very traditional Mexican celebration El Día de la Candelaria!

However, Candlemas festival is the continuation of another significant celebration held in January 6th every year, known as El Día de Los Reyes Magos. On this day, the families catch up with each other and have a meal together. Moreover, gifts are exchanged with the highlight of the event being the cutting of the traditional Rosca de Reyes- an Epiphany crown-shaped cake that has figures of Jesus hidden inside. Whoever finds that figure, is designated to host the Candlemas dinner.

February in Puerto Vallarta, full of tastes!

In Mexico, El Día de la Candelaria celebrations are marked by colorful parades, musical performances, dance and streets decorated with impressive lanterns. During the festivities, the locals visit the church, entertain family and friends with meals and parties. Usually, Mexicans cook the delicious Tamales on this date. In fact, if you have not already tried this typical stuffed corn-cake, you must try them!

Día de la Candelaria

Tasty February activity in Puerto Vallarta

In addition to, Puerto Vallarta offers some very original options to learn more about Mexican Culture! For example, some amazing cooking class in an authentic Mexican Restaurant. Such a good option to try the delicious Tamales handmade by yourself! You can imagine the delicious souvenir you will bring back home! Obviously, if just prefer to try the delicious typical Mexican food, this Restaurant is a very good place for a dinner too!

Beautiful winter in Puerto Vallarta

I hope to meet you soon in Puerto Vallarta! And I highly recommend that you come and enjoy this fantastic season with us. Remember that the Swanson-Larson team are your eyes in the Paradise. Please, feel free to contact us for any question. We will be pleased to answer any doubt and set up a tour regarding your needs and wishes. I invite you to visit my page, for more information and some beautiful property listings currently on the market!

Living amazing adventures in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta lifestyle offers not only beaches and space to chill out but also plenty of great and diverse outdoor adventures. In fact, Puerto Vallarta offers an opportunity to explore and discover an incredible and exotic flora and fauna!

Jungle adventures in Puerto Vallarta


First of all, El Tuito offers an unusual opportunity for adventures in Puerto Vallarta. It is  a little tiny village in the middle of  the jungle. In fact this is, one of the largest exotic jungle of the Pacific Mexican Coast! You can go on your own, and like a real adventurer explore this fantastic place. Of course, you can discover the jungle wildlife by walking around. If driving the two hours south of Vallarta is not your idea of fun, you can also take a taxi boat from Boca de Tomatlan and find incredible virgin beaches!

Crocodile adventures in Puerto Vallarta

You might have already seen the famous big crocodile in The Marina. However, did you know that you can enjoy real crocodile adventures in Puerto Vallarta? As a result of wildlife protection, Puerto Vallarta has his own crocodile reserve in town. Only five minutes from The Marina and ten from Downtown. The national reserve El Salado offer you exciting guided visit there…


Adventures in Puerto Vallarta to have fun

Similarly, you can find some excellent tour agencies that offer private tours in Puerto Vallarta. ATV and bicycle tours are just some of examples of ways to discover the Old Town and the beautiful green mountains of Puerto Vallarta! In the same way, if you prefer water adventures in Puerto Vallarta, what’s better than a private Surf or Paddle board lesson on unknow beautiful beaches?


YOUR stay in Puerto Vallarta, a la carte!

Those activities can be a great way to have fun, stay active with local sports opportunities and experience exciting adventures in Puerto Vallarta! We would be delighted to give you more suggestions, tailored to your desires!

Likewise, remember that I can be your eyes in the Paradise and help you to find your perfect slice. Please, don’t hesitate to contact me and I will be pleased to set up a tour regarding to YOUR needs and wishes.

Getting ready to sell Puerto Vallarta property?

Now is a great time to sell Puerto Vallarta property

By John Swanson

If you have waited on the sidelines for the market to come back before selling your home, it has! Now is a great time to sell Puerto Vallarta property! The numbers show it all over the bay. There are more buyers here looking for more real estate than any year since 2008 (also known as “The Great Depression II”).

Agency or FSBO to sell Puerto Vallarta property

So, what’s the best strategy to sell Puerto Vallarta property and how do you get started? Fear not! We have prepared this series of articles to help you prepare and be fully informed to list your Puerto Vallarta investment for sale and the steps that go into getting a successful sale. Our job is to help take you from “We should take advantage of the strong market” to your property being “Sold!”

Interviewing a real estate professional to navigate the listing, marketing and sale process

So, you are getting ready to list? Here are some questions to ask, as you are interviewing a real estate agent to represent your deal. There are many advantages to listing with an agent. Some of the few are security in the sale, and closing process, exposition of your property to thousands of potential buyers and often higher sale-prices than one could garner on their own.

  1. Is this the best person to market and sell your home or more of a friend/ acquaintance? Selling your property is business and usually one of the most significant investments in your lifetime. Choose the very best talent you can to market your home or a choice to list with a friend may become expensive!
  2. Is this potential agent an excellent communicator? Do they have an organized presentation? Do they have lots of experience with top attorneys and Notaries? What is their track record? Are they with a senior sales agency in the bay? You need someone who “gets you” and is clear and competent with answers to questions that may come up. Usually, people with this talent will “get” the potential buyer as well, making them feel informed and comfortable making the purchase of your property.
  3. Choose an informed agent abreast with the most up to date legal procedures for your sale – Ask if there are tax advantages or ways to keep your transaction risk-free?
  4. Is the agent/ agency too big or small? If they represent various large developments, they may not have time to serve you well. Too little is no good either- where is their webpage on a Google search for Puerto Vallarta Real Estate? It’s an internet world, most buyers come from internet inquiries. You want a strong presence. Like “Goldilocks,” there is a “just right” when it comes to agency presence and style.
  5. Do they belong to our Real Estate Association “AMPI”? AMPI agents will get you on the most used Multi-list website with the best-trained agents on the bay.
  6. What is their fee? Beware of “bargain” agents here– you may get what you pay for, which in some cases is less than stellar service. You might think of listing your home as similar to plastic surgery. Your property sale is not the time to look for the cheapest guy. More important here than to “nickel and dime” commission is to ask yourself “Am I getting what I pay for?”. If an agent is spending the time and money to be tops in sales, they are likely to get you more for your property, covering more than their fee.

Marketing strategy to sell your property in Puerto Vallarta

Selling your property for a fair price, and within a reasonable timeline can relate directly to how well your agent markets the listing. Marketing online and in print are both important to getting your property before the eyes of both agents and eligible buyers.

Digital Marketing

There are two MLS in Puerto Vallarta: Flex MLS and MLS Vallarta. Your agent should use both of these MLS. As some agents use either one or the other, having your property on both ensures that your property gets the max exposure needed to sell! There are dozens of other online sites; your agent should be able to show you an extensive portfolio. Publicity is an essential tool for selling your property.

Some critical questions to ask your prospective agent with regards to marketing your property:

  • Do you have a personal webpage?
  • How well does it perform in google search with the keywords “Puerto Vallarta Real Estate.” If the agent looks at you like you are speaking Greek, you can assume that the answer is: “Not well.”
  • How many websites will publish my property? The more sites on which your property appears, the more likely it that buyers will see it!

Print Marketing

Puerto Vallarta airport saw more than 1.8 million passengers during the first half of 2017. If even 50% of those passengers pick up a newspaper or local entertainment guide that would represent 900,000 readers that could view a print ad featuring YOUR property. It only takes 1 to make a sale! Print marketing is not a thing of the past. We believe it’s important that your listing agent has a diverse marketing profile, including print marketing to sell your home in Puerto Vallarta.

In conclusion, determining that you are ready to sell your property in Puerto Vallarta can be a full decision. Hiring professional help in the process can make the experience enjoyable. Reach out if you have any questions, or if you would like to schedule a listing presentation for your property. We are here to add value to your experience, selling your property in Puerto Vallarta!

The Swanson-Larson Team offers unrivaled expertise, resources and tailored service to help you achieve your buying and selling goals. Contact me to answer any questions you may have about living and owning in Puerto Vallarta.


Boardwalk Realty in Puerto Vallarta: Buy a Condo, get a Luxury Lifestyle!

Sometimes we realize that certain opportunities are amazing, serendipitous, and just meant-to-be here in Puerto Vallarta. Let us share with you our Luxury Lifestyle tips and words of wisdom.

Nature lovers, we found your piece of paradise!

Actually, your Luxury Lifestyle is a green paradise, located in la Cruz de Huanacaxtle. Full of diverse green colors and flowers this little Jungle area offers a beautiful habitat for plenty of tropical fauna and flora. Currently, Alamar counts three towers in a huge Natural Park Center. In fact, the idea of this development is to use a small footprint for building, to have more nature and wildlife around your home. Every tower has its proper gym and swimming pool with incredible ocean and jungle views! In addition, Alamar offers a very private and luxury beach club, just a five minute walk from your condo.  Enjoy the convenience of the restaurant and amenities,  without having to carry all your stuff every time you want to enjoy the beach.
luxury lifestyle

Sport lovers, we have covered

Nuevo Vallarta is the newer sister city of Puerto Vallarta. In this peaceful beach enclave you can find a variety of residential options. From modern, metropolitan lofts and studios, to multimillion dollar homes on the famous “El Tigre” golf course, one thing they all have in common is easy access to fantastic sport and outdoor amenities. El Tigre boasts an incredible Sports Club for residents which offers Olympic size lap swimming pool, tennis courts, golf, racquetball, Fitness center and classes, and more. Close to shopping, dining, and some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in our Bay, this development is a great place to enjoy vacation or full-time living.
luxury lifestyle

A Luxury Lifestyle in Puerto Vallarta

Everyone deserves their personal Luxury Lifestyle. My passion is to help you to take the first step, showing you how many choices you have here in Puerto Vallarta Bay.  Perhaps you prefer a very private and quiet place like Conchas Chinas or Mismaloya, or maybe a more central neighborhood like the Romantic Zone or downtown Bucerias. There are countless options available which all lead to the ultimate goal of living our dream lives in a beautiful place, full of warm and friendly people.

I am here to help you find your piece of paradise. Please feel free to contact me with any  questions you may have about the investment and relocation process in Mexico.

Día de los Reyes Magos, discover it in Puerto Vallarta!

Yesterday, January 6 we celebrated the Epiphany in Mexico. Also named the Day of Holy Kings or here in Mexico El Día de los Reyes Magos in remembrance of the biblical story of the three kings’ visit to Jesus.

día de los Reyes Magos

Celebrate the Day of the Holy Kings

In addition to getting presents from baby Jesus on Christmas Eve, Mexican children receive gifts from the Reyes Magos on January 6. It is also customary to eat Rosca de Reyes, which is a wreath-shaped fruity bread traditionaly baked with a figure of baby Jesus inside.

Tasty tradition for El Día de Los Reyes Magos

Día de Los Reyes Magos

Indeed, on this day the rosca de Reyes appears. This delicious sweet bread has a crown shape and it decorated with candied fruits. Usually, it hides some little plastic figurines inside. This tradition is comes from French tradition back in 1311, which passed to Spain and then to Mexico. Consisting in hiding a very tiny, crowned Child Jesus originally made of golden and silver. Nowadays, those silver Figures were replaced by porcelain coming from Japan, or mostly common from ones made in plastic.

Mexican tradition for this day!

Traditionaly, the persons who received the figurines on el Día de Los Reyes Magos are supposed to host the party on Candlemas Day. Mexican people used to cook some delicious Tamales.

Bon apetit from Boardwalk!

Finally, I hope this article helped you to understand better this Mexican Tradition. But especially, I whish you to enjoy this sweet day. Arounding by your loves one to enjoy the delicious rosca de los Reyes!

Remember that the Swanson-Larson team are your eyes in the Paradise, helping you to look for your piece!

Charity in Puerto Vallarta: they need your love and support!

Following the Christmas Holidays, full of love and generosity, I found appropriate to speak about supporting a charity in Puerto Vallarta. Furthermore, that could be great way to integrate yourself in your new paradise. Donations are always appreciated however volunteering can be helpful for this marvelous country and personally enriching! In fact, we can find many options to support a Charity in Puerto Vallarta, and plenty of great causes to help children with their safety, health and education.

Charity in Puerto Vallarta, fighting for children welfare

Like everywhere in the world, children are the first victims of poverty. Thanks to Charities in Puerto Vallarta some children benefit by having a safe and sweet home, access to health care and nourishing food and a great education, provided by a few noteworthy Charities.

A safety place to grow up


Puerto Vallarta offers a number of shelters who rescue children from unfortunate situations. These organizations provide them safety, love and education. An especially great Charity in Puerto Vallarta who specializes in children’s safety is Corazón de niña. This organization helps children facing abandonment or abuse. Corazón de Niña is home to 30 children, offering them a beautiful house and lot with gardens and areas to play, consequently changing their lives for the better. In addition, this particular Charity in Puerto Vallarta is launching a new educational project for the children.

A good health to enjoy the life

Similarly Pasitos de Luz is a Charity in Puerto Vallarta that offers services to developmentally disabled children. This organization specifically helps disabled children by providing them vital services. For example, it fights for extremely poor families to get what is necessary to have good health and a better way of life for their disabled children.


The right to Education

Puerto Vallarta has a lot of great schools and universities. Through Charities in Puerto Vallarta like Becas Vallarta, you can help children from the beginning of their school life to the end of their studies. Furthermore, Becas Vallarta offers opportunities to volunteer, to support children and youth to achieve their goals.


You are the one missing in the valuable fight for children’s fundamental rights in Puerto Vallarta!

Please, don’t hesitate to contact me for futher informations about any other daily life aspects. I will be pleased to answer you and set up a tour regarding you needs and wishes.

Remember that I am your eyes in Paradise and can help you to find your piece!